Fibercity Broadband up to 1Gbps

No contract ! No Problem!  30 Days notice is all we need!


Unlimited DATA
Business Grade Broadband

Our business grade broadband is perfectly build for your needs.

EnJoy Our 99% Uptime Broadband.

Get yourself a better WIFI solutions With us.

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    12 months contract



      • Up to 30 Mbps ADSL
      • Up to 80 Mbps VDSL
      • Unlimited data
      • BYOM
      • *Add a home phone for $10/mo
      $79.99/mo incl GST usually $85.99

      Fibercity Home

        • For Residentials
        • Up to 300/100
        • Unlimited Data
        • BYOM
        • *Add a home phone for $10/mo
        $79.99/mo incl GST usually $85.99

        Fibercity Max

          • For Gamers and Streamers
          • Up to 950/400
          • Unlimited data
          • BYOM free remote setup
          • *Add a home phone for $10/mo
          $99.00/mo incl GST usually $115.99


            • Wireless
            • Unlimited data
            • No soft or hard data caps
            • Free Rental modem
            • *Subject to location availability
            $145.00/mo incl GST usually $155
            • Ultra-Fast Connection
              We dont settle for second rate - Our Network is build to deliver the highest standard we can give to our customers
            • Flexible Broadband Plans
              Our Broadband Plans flexible with no contract terms to give you peace of mind.
            • Use Your Own Modem
              Our System works in all kind of broadband connection. Instead of buying a new modem, we can use your old modem and will setup it for FREE!
            • Fast Support 24/7
              Our Support is always on whenever and wherever. We have our own Field Technician to handle the smallest to the most complicated network issues to help our customers.

            What our clients say

            Working offshore or onshore was never an issue with Fibercity.

            With the Cloud Softfphone features on Fibercity Broadband-Voice, I can call my clients and staff from anywhere in the globe.  It is a big help! Without this feature, calling will cost me a lot….. Thanks Fibercity! Never knew this feature existed till now.

            Working from home with uninterrupted connection

            I am working from home as most of us do. I download or upload files; conducts zoom and team meetings which is significantly reliant on a fast-speed and an uninterrupted internet connection. Now, with Fibercity I am guaranteed an unlimited and uninterrupted connection -no more buffering, no loading signals, no cuts in between meetings etc.

            cellwatch limited

            When i first moved to fibercity , i thought this is a mistake but i found out this company has verygood support , no wait time like the big players. they answer the phone and provide support as promised.. i give them 5 star.

            John M.

            “Working from home is the new normal and having a great internet service provider is a must.  I’m thankful I found Fibercity, I didn’t encounter any problems in my connection, and because of that I can deliver my job well even though I’m not physically present in my work place.”

            Anne S.

            “I have teenage gamers at home and since we moved to Fibercity I seldom hear complaints from them. I believe they are having a smooth gaming experience now, finally! Thanks to Fibercity, my gamers are so happy now.”

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