Walang Hanggang Paalam

Estranged couple,
Emman (Paulo Avelino) and Celine (Angelica Panganiban), is brought together by the disappearance of their son, Robbie (Robbie
Wachtel). They once shared a beautiful love together, but their relationship crumbled when Emman was implicated for a crime he did not commit.
Trying to move on, Celine meets Anton ( Zanjoe Marudo ) who promised to take care of her and her son. On Robbie’s seventh birthday, Celine grants his
wish to be with Emman . However, the supposed blissful reunion turns into nightmare when Robbie gets abducted. As they set out on a perilous missio n
to save their son, Emman and Celine realize that they have not let go of each other’s love. This triggers a series of events that puts them in greater
danger. As they discover the root of the kidnapping incident, Emman and Celine’s love for each other and commitment to find Robbie are put to the test.

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