Fix my Fibercity Broadband

Troubleshoot my Broadband..

We know that the fibercity broadband connection is not perfect like any other internet provoder thats why there are few things that we can help you with before you call us.

  • Check your ONT and modem should be plugged in to the electrical socket. check if its power on.
  • Make sure you are connected to WIfi
  • Check the your modem if its connected to internet- modem should have a green ligth on the globe symble on it.
  • Check the ONT optical light should be in Green.
  • Check if the cable from the wall (CAT5) coming from the ONT is connected to the Modem.
  • If everthing is ok. please try to restart your modem and the ONT and wait for a few munites…
  • If still no Internet please contact us by call our 0800 number or chat with us .