Normally the installation of fiber is free but if there is a need for us to deliver the sevice and make it better for the customer. There are situations customers wanting us to install new cabling in other part of the house such extention for extra access point, extra wifi extender, cabling for your business needs like extra jack point for office desk. Here at fibercity we are expert in cabling and we deliver the service almost on the same day of install.

Whether you already have a existing broadband or wanting us to come for a new connection.. just let us know what is your requiments and we will send you a quote.

Yes We do , Just give a chat or call and will solve you WIFI signal issue for a very low price.

Yes we do run cabling from the road to the presmises inside boundery work that are not part of free install. if you want us to dig and trench along driveway or run cable overhead if you are too far from the road.. just let us know and our team will be happy to come and check the scope of work.

We certainly have this expertise… our team of techncian can run cablling where its Data ,Copper , Coax or Fiber to the Apartments, Multi level building, retirement villages. please call us for site visit.