When can I get fibre broadband at my property?

While Ultra-Fast Broadband was originally made available in only a select few cities around New Zealand, the nationwide rollout has progressed ahead of schedule to now cover most Kiwi households and businesses.

As of October 2020, 194 towns and cities UFB builds have been completed.This means that more than 80% of New Zealanders can get Fibre broadband at their property right now.But the work is continuing every day until basically all of NZ can get connected to Fibre.

Not sure if you can get fibre yet?

Just pop your address into the broadband address checker (this should be linked to our address search in the website and you’ll get the answer right away.

When can I expect Fibre in my area?

What’s the rollout schedule for the remaining parts of NZ that don’t have Fibre yet?

Here is a handy schedule from the Government’s Crown Infrastructure Partners website that lists all the cities and towns around New Zealand, and their UFB Fibre rollout progress.

You can download the schedule here. à (the word here is clickable and will direct to the link provided)

You’ll see that most have now been completed – and the remaining locations have estimated scheduled completion dates across 2021 and into 2022 (which is when the entire nationwide fibre rollout is likely to be completed).

Why can my neighbours across the street can get Fibre, but I can’t?

As the nationwide UFB fibre network infrastructure is laid, they’re naturally following an install plan that details which fibre is being installed down what street and so on.

This will sometimes mean that they’ve installed the fibre infrastructure required to connect houses along one side of the street, and then go on to do the rest of an adjacent suburb, before they’re able to double back and complete your side of the street.

If you’re wondering whether it is possible to get Chorus or other regional Fibre infrastructure provider to connect you to that service before the rest of your street, and outside of their install schedule, the answer is technically yes – but it comes at a high cost.

As you can imagine, installing high tech infrastructure with crews of thousands of skilled workers across the entire country costs a lot.

While Chorus will consider a request to install to a specific property outside of the rollout schedule, it will often have a high price tag stretching into the many tens of thousands of dollars, so only a very few individuals choose to go ahead with that, in exceptional circumstances.

Thankfully almost all of us can already get connected, and more of the remaining properties have Fibre outside their boundary every day, so for the vast majority of us we can get connected quite quickly.